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Token Distribution

The World's Largest Decentralized Networking Protocol On TRON Blockchain
Token Distribution - Initial Minting 500M HOK on the deployer's address - Max supply 10,000M HOK
Initial Distribution - No ICO/IFO or early investors/partners - 100M HOK for NFT/ecosystem reward distribution end in 5 years - 100M HOK for main staking reward distribution end in 5 years - 100M HOK for marketplace Dapp. - 100M HOK for listing on CEX - 50M HOK for marketing reward/airdrop events - 50M HOK for add liquidity on trading pair (TNhVkvCqHygY8feVRU8ky2eoHJJS7ufvb4 : HOK-TRX) - 1M HOK for Initial Add Liquidity
Initial Distribution of HOKKEN
Mining Distribution When user submits to open Slot# on platform. That user will get HOK amount 10x of the Slot# purchased with TRX.
For example, Slot#1 was purchased at 200TRX. The user will get 2,000 HOK.
This minting rate will be halved every 90 days.