Mission and Goal

The World's Largest Decentralized Networking Protocol On TRON Blockchain

HOKKEN is developed on the backdrop of TRC20 token using TRON blockchain. HOKSAGE have paved the way for development of new token and TRON provides an apt ecosystem or it. We are launching HOKKEN with precise estimations of the market and quite sure of its success. Our token is only an instrument for us to generate initial costing but will also prove as a great source of earnings for the investors. This is a perfect time for launching a new token since we have the best resources available and due to the surge in cryptocurrency market. We have generated a plentiful of tokens for the investors and forecast a significant amount of yield.

HOKKEN is coming out at a time when the market is on the rise and people are eager to find new avenues to dabble in new cryptocurrencies. The regulation following and adherence to exchange mandates have coursed a way for us to spearhead the project. It is thoroughly a craftsmanship that we see in the modules of our tokens. We have not only tried and tested them, but also rated them through different exchange scales. The exchange indices and capping market have been raised to a point where they can't be deflected from their course. We have strategized to input the resources that were way too scanty for other providers. It is also an urge for the whole market to stand out and demarcate the critical boundaries. The onus is definitely on us to save the traders from the perilous markets, our bearings have been laid out is the most creative and transparent way so that each investor will be able to see through the system. It is our aim to set a milestone for investors and exchanges.

In addition, the ability to trade the coin on internet exchanges may be impacted by third parties and their trading policies. New policies and regulations governing the use of the HOKKEN and/or online exchanges may affect its value or the ability for it to trade on the market.

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