The World's Largest Decentralized Networking Protocol On TRON Blockchain

HOKKEN is a cryptocurrency, based on TRON blockchain, which integrates Smart Contract technology. HOKKEN inherits and develops the TRON technology platform, with open source P2P accelerates all transactions quickly, minimizes risk, enhances high security and does not involve any third-party, HOKKEN has a clearly transparent development roadmap, All HOKKEN wallet versions will be fully up-to-date where users can secure their wallets and trade seamlessly on trading platforms. Our trading uses blockchain technology to ensure all investors enjoy safe and secure processing on our stable platform; our decentralized platform does not involve any third-party involvement thus allowing transparent transactions between investors.

As a TRC20 token and an open protocol for decentralized exchange on the TRON blockchain. It is intended to use as a basic building block that may be combined with other protocols to work on advancing sophisticated. It allows HOKKEN owners to diversify their portfolios by accessing tags related to the price of the asset. The platform extends the liquidity and stringency of assets, and reduces transaction costs. It provides HOKKEN holders with stringency price discovery and diversification across multiple asset classes as it allows the creation or listing of third-party asset tokens compliant with HOKKEN disclosure and legal structure rules.

HOKKEN is a peer-to-peer electronic monetary system based on cryptography like Bitcoin yet unlike Bitcoin. It exhibits properties similar to physical currencies. However, what makes it distinct is that it allows for instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer of ownership. As all the payments are processed through secured servers, so that users no need to worry about any risk involved, it is the most user-friendly system that allows your trust and control over it.

Our system is vastly superior to existing systems with the ability to protect users from all hackers, easy to use but still confirms a legitimate transaction. HOKKEN is accessible and available wherever and whenever you are in need, no limits, no boundaries, which means you can purchase or sell products and services, and transfer money to your family and friends at an extremely low cost through an instant confirmation network without any interruption.

Unlike many other digital cash, HOKKEN is designed to not only become a digital currency that can meet the highest advanced technology standards but also become the most user-friendly digital cash and can be easily used by anyone

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